NHMM Release Pho Queue Crew’s Debut Single, “Enter The Dragon”

The Pho Queue Crew were formed to combat the tripling of hate crimes against the British East/South-East Asian community since Covid-19. The 4 piece describe themselves as “Angry Asian activists” with the music to match their explosive mission statement. Taking influences from hip hop, UK grime, punk, poetry and traditional Asian classical, this is the sound of a new generation of BESEA’s who refuse to abide by the “model minority” myth.

This scenario is not unique to the UK as CNN recently reported that hate crimes against Asian Americans has been surging across the U.S. during the pandemic. 

Whilst their parent’s generation may have kept their heads down so as not to cause a fuss, the P.Q.C. refuse to bow down to empires, live up to stereotypes or be put in the corner and ignored. Their debut single “Enter The Dragon” is a swaggeringly fresh trap production merged with Chinese flutes and lyrics that proudly and poetically describe the BESEA diaspora.

With collaborations with Hollis who sang on Macklemore’s platinum selling “White Walls” and UK grime artist Kojay in the can, the P.Q.C. are armed with a cannon of politically charged wall shaking, floor stomping bangers. The P.Q.C. will release music and visuals steadily throughout the year on Notting Hill Music’s independent NHMM label. The stock has brewed, it’s time to let the soup loose.