Taura Stinson scores again with her song “Champions” heavily featured in new movie, “Hands Of Stone”

Long-time Notting Hill Music Inc. writer Taura Stinson scores once again with her song “Champions” heavily featured in the new Weinstein Company movie “Hands Of Stone” starring Usher, Robert de Niro and Edgar Ramirez. The story of the epic boxing battle between Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard, both the movie and the song reflect the clash of cultures with Latino star Ruben Blades representing Duran and Usher portraying the Sugar Ray Leonard  in the opposing corners of the song. As well as featuring in the film “Champions”, which was written by Taura, Raphael Saadiq, Usher & Ruben Blades,  is also included on the soundtrack album and on Usher’s forthcoming studio album “Hard II Love”.