Teenage Sequence – “All This Art”

Teenage Sequence is a new project from Notting Hill Music songwriter Dewan-Dean Soomary, a London musician who used to be in bands like King Blues and Bleach Blood. As Teenage Sequence, Soomary makes twitchy, self-conscious dance-rock that evokes the early ’00s.

Talking about the song, Soomary says:

“All This Art” is as much about the systemic racism of the UK music industry as it is my own neurosis, as serious about these subjects as it (an attempt at being) humorous–in a sort of “if you don’t laugh, you’d stare blankly into the void wondering what’s the point” way. I never intended for the first Teenage Sequence single to be 6.23 seconds of the same beat (pop career suicide), but here we are!

Check it out here.